Home Beauty The right way to pop a blister safely with out making it worse!

The right way to pop a blister safely with out making it worse!

The right way to pop a blister safely with out making it worse!


Whereas it is likely to be tempting to pop a blister, you will need to perceive how do it on the proper time, in the proper approach.

Printed: 14 Feb 2024, 12:00 pm IST

Fluid stuffed, raised bubble-like constructions are referred to as blisters that always seem on our pores and skin. They’re typically below the primary layer of the pores and skin and is likely to be crammed with pus, blood or clear liquid. Whereas a few of them are painful, all of them are uncomfortable, making it very tempting to pop a blister. Nonetheless, earlier than you consider methods to pop a blister, you will need to perceive that this may not be the proper plan of action.

Should you actually should pop a blister, there are specific methods to do it to keep away from infections or additional issues. Well being Photographs will get your all of the solutions from dermatologist Dr Priyanka Kuri.

What’s a blister?

A blister is a small fluid-filled pocket within the pores and skin. It’s fashioned as a consequence of friction, burns, or infections. “Whereas anybody can get blisters, infants and younger youngsters could also be extra susceptible as a consequence of delicate pores and skin and lack of ability to speak discomfort in the case of friction, whereas older adults could have elevated threat as a consequence of elements like decreased pores and skin elasticity. Friction, warmth, chilly, chemical compounds, and infections are frequent causes of blisters,” explains Dr Kuri.

A woman with blisters on her face
Blisters shouldn’t be popped as that may result in infections. Picture courtesy: Freepik

Must you pop a friction blister?

Friction blisters end result from repeated rubbing or strain, whereas burns, excessive chilly, chemical publicity, and sure infections may also result in blister formation. “Typically, it isn’t a good suggestion to pop blisters. Doing so can result in infections and make issues worse. Blisters normally pop up when your pores and skin has been rubbed an excessive amount of or it has been uncovered to warmth, chilly, or chemical compounds. Popping blisters additionally improve the danger of an infection and delay the therapeutic,” says Dr Kuri.

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As a substitute of popping a blister, the very best plan of action is to maintain the blister clear and guarded to forestall additional irritation. “If the blister is inflicting discomfort or ache, you may cowl it with a bandage or blister pad to cut back friction and permit it to heal by itself. If the blister pops by itself, clear it gently with cleaning soap and water, apply an antiseptic ointment, and canopy it with a bandage to guard it from an infection,” says Dr Kuri.

What’s a blood blister, and do you have to pop it?

Blood blisters occur when blood vessels break below your pores and skin, and it’s greatest to go away them alone. “They’re like a pure bandage, defending the pores and skin beneath. Popping blood blisters can improve the danger of an infection and lengthen the therapeutic,” says Dr Kuri. If left intact, the outer layer of pores and skin can act as a pure barrier in opposition to an infection.

Are you able to pop a fever blister?

Fever blisters, or chilly sores, are attributable to a virus. Popping them can unfold the virus and make issues worse. Allow them to heal on their very own, and possibly attempt some over-the-counter lotions to assist, suggests Dr Kuri. Bursting a fever blister can improve the danger of spreading the virus and inflicting additional irritation or an infection. “The reason for fever blisters is herpes simplex virus and these typically floor round lips or mouth. Popping a fever blister can launch the fluid containing the virus, which can result in the virus spreading to different areas of the pores and skin or to different folks,” provides Dr Kuri.

A woman running fever
Excessive fever may also result in blisters on the face. Picture courtesy: Freepik

How are you going to pop a blister safely?

Though popping a blister needs to be averted in any respect prices, whether it is inflicting you lots of ache, and also you completely have to, right here’s what you need to do:

  • Wash your arms rather well
  • Clear the blister and the world round it
  • Fastidiously poke a small gap close to the sting of the blister with a sterilized needle
  • Gently press to let the fluid out, clear the world once more,
  • Apply some antiseptic and canopy it with a bandage.

The right way to verify if a blister is contaminated?

One could make out if the blister is contaminated based mostly on the look, color and measurement of the blister. Search for elevated ache, redness, swelling, or heat across the blister, which can point out irritation. If the blister leaks yellow or greenish fluid, comprises pus, grows in measurement, or for those who develop a fever, it’s almost definitely contaminated.

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When do you have to completely not pop a blister?

It’s best to keep away from popping blisters, particularly if they’re small and never bothering you an excessive amount of. Additionally, blisters in your arms or toes can simply get contaminated, so depart these alone. “You probably have diabetes or a weak immune system, it’s much more essential to keep away from popping blisters with out speaking to a physician first. You probably have bought a giant blister or one that’s actually deep, it’s best to let an expert maintain it,” says Dr Kuri. When blisters end result from burns or chemical publicity, they function a protecting barrier, and popping them might delay therapeutic and improve the danger of an infection.


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