‘Bramayugam’ film evaluate: Mammootty’s efficiency elevates this middling movie on the evils of unrestricted energy


Mammootty in ‘Bramayugam’

Half an hour into Bramayugam, the thought of a black gap crops up in a single’s thoughts. The eerie, previous ‘mana’ that Kodumon Potty presides over, appears to be welcoming of everybody who passes by way of that area, however nobody who has ever gone in has emerged out… very similar to in a black gap. Even Potty says he has not seen the surface world in fairly a very long time; it’s uncertain whether or not he ever has, contemplating the story that reveals his true identification.

Time nearly involves a standstill right here, very similar to close to a black gap, with the occupants dropping all sense of the times or years that they’ve spent inside. Even within the recreation of cube that the Potty (Mammootty) challenges the newest entrant (Arjun Ashokan) to, it’s time that he’s compelled to gamble with. Dropping the sport would imply the individual would spend his complete lifetime within the ‘mana’. It’s into this timeless world that Rahul Sadasivan transports us to, nearly making us consider that we’re additionally on the mercy of the vile Potty, who doesn’t tolerate those that look him within the eye.

The creative therapy of horror in Rahul Sadasivan’s previous film Bhoothakalam seems to have fuelled sure expectations from Bramayugam. However this movie is designed as a fantasy, thriller story with a number of mildly scary moments thrown in. The looks of a ‘chaathan’ and an ‘yakshi’ on the display screen actually doesn’t do a lot, for what’s unseen is extra scary, as we discovered in Bhoothakalam. Amidst all that, essentially the most chilling ingredient in the entire movie occurs to be the evil laughter and the deep-throated voice of Potty, portrayed fairly convincingly by Mammootty. He treats the function fairly in contrast to any that he has performed until date, though one will get a faint sense of the ghost of Bhaskara Pattelar from Vidheyan (1994) at some factors.


Director: Rahul Sadasivan

Starring: Mammootty, Arjun Ashokan, Sidharth Bharathan, Amalda Liz, Manikandan Achary

Storyline: A younger folks singer fleeing repression finally ends up at a run-down mansion lorded over by a mysterious aristocratic man. However, popping out of if received’t be as straightforward as moving into

Runtime: 139 minutes

The aesthetic option to have all the movie in black-and-white helps Bramayugam in no small measure. The drowning out of distracting colors and erasure of all of the useless parts not solely helps in transporting us to the fairly primitive seventeenth century by which the movie is about in, however provides to the eerie temper that pervades the run-down family. This sense of minimalism is mirrored within the writing too, with a lot of the narrative revolving across the three principal characters and the 2 further characters getting solely a few scenes.

There are fairly a number of factors the place the writing suffers, however Shehnad Jalal’s frames, Christo Xavier’s music and the artwork division helps the movie paper over lots of its weaknesses to an extent. As for the fundamental story, there may be nothing actually new right here from the people tales that we’re all already aware of. It’s the ambiance that the makers create, and the therapy of the story which saves the day, however they nonetheless fail to ship something that stuns the viewers, apart from a disorienting, claustrophobia-inducing sequence in the long run.

Bramayugam elevates itself when it slowly transforms right into a meditation on the character of unquestioned energy, and the way in which it brings out the worst in folks, typically even the well-intentioned ones. It’s at that time that this story from one other period speaks to the current.

Bramayugam is at the moment working in theatres

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