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Pickles can immediately amp up the style and expertise of any bland meal with their engaging style, spice quotient and alluring aroma. There’s no denying that the mere aroma of pickle can instantly add a punch of style and flavour to any delicacy, however what do you do when the pickle is over and solely the oil is left? Properly, listed here are some cool hacks to present the leftover achaar oil a zesty twist and reuse it in eight distinctive methods.So, comply with us via some cool ideas and revel in!

Flavoured cooking oil
Pickle oil is loaded with flavors of the spices and greens utilized in pickling. You should use it to taste dishes like stir-fries, soups, or marinades. Simply be conscious of the depth of the pickle taste and alter accordingly.
Salad dressing
Combine pickle oil with vinegar, mustard, spices and herbs to create a singular salad dressing. It provides tanginess, spicy style and depth to your salads, particularly within the context of bland inexperienced salads made with common veggies or leaves like spinach.
Roasted veggies and meats
As an alternative of utilizing plain oil for basting the meat or veggies, whereas roasting or grilling, you may marinate or simply brush some pickle oil for that distinctive style and taste.


Pickle mayo
To present any mayonnaise a yummy twist simply combine within the leftover pickle oil together with leftover chunks of pickle, and provides your delicacies a desi and spicy twist. This mayonnaise can be utilized to create a tangy unfold for sandwiches or a dip for fries and greens.
Achaar fried rice
Change common cooking oil with achaar oil when making fried rice. The fragrant spices within the oil will impart a pleasant taste to the rice, making it a scrumptious and distinctive dish.


Marinades for grilling
Create marinades for grilling meats, fish, or greens by combining achaar oil with herbs, garlic, ginger, and yogurt or citrus juice. Let the elements marinate for a couple of hours earlier than grilling for tender and flavorful outcomes.
Achaar hummus
Mix achaar oil into do-it-yourself hummus for a spicy kick. The mix of creamy chickpeas and tangy achaar oil creates a flavorful dip that pairs nicely with pita bread, crackers, or vegetable sticks.
Achaar Pasta sauce
Use achaar oil as a base for pasta sauce by sautéing garlic, onions, and tomatoes within the oil earlier than including cooked pasta. The spicy and tangy flavors of the achaar oil will add depth to the sauce.

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